Hottest Maid Ever

Just once in our life we need to have a girlfriend like Alison Angel…. Just once.

Not only is Alison Angel perfect in every last fucking way, she’s lots of fun too…. She likes to dress up to get us off; Alison Angel is dressed up in a short plaid mini skirt, high heels, and white stockings….. While cleaning up the house!

sexy alison angel hot blonde teen 100

Yes, just once in every man’s life he needs a girlfriend like Alison Angel!

sexy alison angel hot blonde teen 102

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Now this is exactly how I like to see Alison Angel – naked and bending over slightly, up against a door… Ready to be fucked into next week!

I love Alison Angel dressed up in sexy clothes, a bikini, or some kind of lingerie, but I like Alison Angel naked even more! She’s ready to be fucked hard!

alison angel naked up against door

She sure does look beautiful naked!

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One of the biggest turn ons a man can get is when their younger girlfriend dresses up for them in a cute attempt please her man. It’s cute. It’s also very hot.

Look at Alison Angel here… She’s working it and working it hard. She’s not just dressing up for her lover; Alison Angel is putting on a show – a strip tease! Have you ever seen Alison Angel look so freaking hot before?

sexy big breasted blonde teen alison angel 25

The stockings Alison Angel has on just serve to make her even sexier!

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Super Sexy Leg

Alison Angel just plain has it. I’m not sure what IT is, but she’s got it. I can see how this picture went down… Her and her lesser half were out for a drive, taking a romantic walk or what not or whatever, when he decided to pull out a small camera. Alison Angel (bless her) leaned back, hiked up her skirt, and struck a pose… With a serious look on her face it’s entirely possible Alison Angel has never looked any hotter – except for maybe that scene where Alison Angel stripped out of her bikini on the boat, or the super sexy French maid pictures where she was doing housework. Sigh, that was freaking hot.

Check out the leg Alison Angel has here. She can freaking so rock your world!

beautiful alison angel

Makes you wonder if Alison Angel is wearing any panties. I’m guessing she is. Not because she’s that type of girl, but it seems like every time she’s pulling up her dress to get naked and stripping down for us she’s wearing panties and has to take those off first. Hot. Very much hot yes yes.

All that is missing here is that Alison Angel isn’t wearing high heels, but mostly because I really love high heels – and she wears high heels so damn well!

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You just look a tthis picture and think Alison Angel is anything less than magnificent…. She’s perfect in every way! And those breasts are utterly perfect!

Alison Angel has her breasts pulled out of her sexy bikini top and we’ve never been happier!

sexy alison angel hot blonde teen 092

Next up Alison Angel is going to strip out of her bikin bottom, but you have to check out her members area for that!

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Isn’t this just how we like to see all women? Down on their knees and elbows with their sexy (tight) ass up in the air? Sweet. Now who wouldn’t want to tap this sweet ass? That is beautiful….

Alison Angel just looks great in any position, no matter what…. And she really does have the face of an angel too!

sexy big breasted blonde teen alison angel 59

Maybe that’s why they call her Alison Angel!

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You just got to love a teen chick who is wild and crazy… And Alison Angel is both a little bit wild and a little bit crazy…. Today she’s goofing off on the street, I think this is in Hawaii. Sigh. I remember Hawaii – beautiful there!

Alison Angel has her titties out and has hiked up her skirt showing us she has no panties on. That’s wild all right!

sexy big breasted blonde teen alison angel 10

And of course Alison Angel is doing some kind of a cheer move while she’s at it!

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How is this for a fun day – Alison Angel nearly naked on a boat…. Fun!

First Alison Angel pulled her titties out – her huge beautiful glorious titties – and then Alison Angel pulled her panties over so she could show us her pussy. One can only imagine what is next; I’m guessing Alison Angel is going to start fingering her pussy.

sexy alison angel hot blonde teen 053

I cant’ wait to watch Alison Angel masturbating like this!

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