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I love watching Alison Angel working out… She’s got a great body and it shows… Very nice!

Nice pussy too. Nice, neat, and tidy…. And great fucking legs.

sexy big breasted blonde teen alison angel 67

I can give Alison Angel a great work out….

sexy big breasted blonde teen alison angel 68

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A little bit of public nudity never heard anyone, right? Right. Thankfully for us Alison Angel loves getting naked for pretty much no reason and isn’t afraid to get naked outside for us. That’s hot. You know what they say about chicks who like getting naked outside, right? They’ll try anything. And that’s the kind of chick we like the most!

Alison Angel has her titties out on display for us and it’s so freaking hot!

alison angel naked outside

Alison Angel has great boobs and great legs – and we love them both!

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I live in California and snow is something I avoid at all costs. I mean, seriously. I’m not stupid, and when I was fifteen or so shoveling fucking snow over and over again I said to myself “Someday I am going to move to a place where it never snows”. I made it there.

So seeing Alison Angel naked like this in a hat and mittens cracks me up. I haven’t seen mittens since I was a boy in New Jersey. (Not doing that again!) But Alison Angel makes sexy at the same time – and erotic too!

alison angel naked hat mittons

Now if I can just see Alison Angel playing naked in the snow outside that would be great. I’m not going to hold my breath, however – I know Alison Angel lives in Phoenix and there is no snow there!

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Now this is exactly how I like to see Alison Angel – naked and bending over slightly, up against a door… Ready to be fucked into next week!

I love Alison Angel dressed up in sexy clothes, a bikini, or some kind of lingerie, but I like Alison Angel naked even more! She’s ready to be fucked hard!

alison angel naked up against door

She sure does look beautiful naked!

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Alison Angel is such a playful creature. Sometimes I think she is a babe lost in the woods… Beautiful, and very naive. That’s a good combination for guys like us who are used to picking off low hanging fruit.

You can plainly see that Alison Angel is not exactly low hanging fruit.

sexy alison angel panties 3 sexy alison angel panties 4 sexy alison angel panties 1 sexy alison angel panties 5

And when she gets naked… It’s a beautiful sight!

sexy alison angel panties 2

I wish all women would wear only high heels from here on out. Well, only if they have a body like Alison Angel here!

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I love chicks who get naked outside. They are always the fun ones. The chicks who get off getting naked outside are always the ones who never say no.

I bet you Alison Angel never says no.

And look at her. Would you say no to Alison Angel?

alison angel gets naked outside

Not when Alison Angel is walking around outside naked, no…. Then again, I’ll hit nearly anything.

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Fun Time On Boat

Alison Angel went out on the boat… And sooner or later her bikini came off. Not that any one is complaining at all. Nothing wrong with Alison Angel getting comfy on the back of the boat…

I would lay down next to her and spend some high quality bonding time with her!

sexy big breasted blonde teen alison angel 48

In this second shot… You can see that Alison Angel has some long ass sexy legs!

sexy big breasted blonde teen alison angel 70

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